Listen To Voters

As your future Coon Rapids council member representative, I seek to always listen to voters and seek your feedback for what you find important in your area. It’s no surprise that the city is undergoing changes, improvements, and a revitalization of existing neighborhoods and businesses. Throughout all of that change, it is easy to feel disconnected from what the city is doing and feel neglected – as if no one cares or is listening. Sure, you could find out when the city council meetings are and take time out of your busy schedule – but for a simple question – many let their questions and concerns go unasked and unanswered.

Listening to voters goes beyond just allowing an open mic before a council meeting or a feedback form on a website. Today’s generation expects to connect on Facebook, get instant updates about weather alerts via Twitter, and the ability to find information or receive a call back about questions they have via the old fashioned telephone and email. The key to modern communication is that it’s a two way conversation and actually includes listening TO the citizens for understanding with compassion and a desire for a positive outcome.

Allowing residents to voice their concerns, ideas, questions, and feedback 24/7 is very important for today’s connected generation. When citizens, voters, neighbors, and friends feel like the city council listens to their concerns and requests – it makes for a much more pleasant atmosphere in our great city of Coon Rapids, Minnesota.


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