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If you’d like Travis to represent you on the Coon Rapids City Council, there are a few easy ways to help (and some harder ways for those interested).

    1. Show Your Interest: By sharing your contact info you’ll receive only pertinent, actionable emails on an as-needed basis. No daily spam found here. Simply enter your name/email/phone below. This is the easiest way to get show your support.
    2. Volunteer Your Time: Details will be coming down the road, but even 1 hour of time would go a long way. All you’d need to do is show up.
    3. Offer Your Services: If you’ve got a business or special talent that might help get Travis elected – we’re looking for creative ways to get our message out. Perhaps you’ve got a restaurant and could host a fundraiser? Perhaps you work at a printing place and could help with printing needs? Perhaps you’re a graphics artist and could help with design? Perhaps you’re a musician and could help with Youtube commercials? If you’ve got a talent or service you’d like to leverage,
    4. Host A Meet-N-Greet: Invite your neighborhood, church group, or community over for a backyard BBQ meet and greet. Share with Travis what’s most important to your family about Coon Rapids, why you choose to live here, and offer feedback on changes you’d like to see. [Helpful tip: Organize it as a potluck to make food planning more fun and affordable].
    5. Contribute Financially: If you’ve got the financial means to help but no time, you can still make a difference in the campaign with a quick online donation using any major credit card. We cannot thank you enough for your donation of ANY amount! Please send Paypal donations to: or use the Donate button below.

Campaign Phone: 612-208-8891