Building Stronger Community

Having a growing family, one of the things that attracted us to Coon Rapids was it’s sense of friendliness and supportive community. Among all the places one could live around the northern metro – Coon Rapids offers the small town feeling for neighborhoods with the accessibility and convenience for entertainment and employment around the area.

That said, I believe our communities could be stronger.

Remembering back to the days after September 11, it was your neighbors and micro-community that was our safezone. The focus and trust was at a greater point, and neighbors looked out for one another at levels unseen for years. It’s not too late to bring back that sense of community – strong – united together – having fun together – caring and supporting each other. Regardless of any world events or economic issues – when neighborhoods are strong, happy, and supporting one another – our lives can be happy and enjoyable.


Do you have a great idea to bring your community together?



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